Swim with Wild Dolphins

Pods of spinner dolphins can be found year-round along Oahu's west coast. Wild Side Specialty tours will take a small group, track the pod, and drop you in the water with wild dolphins - the real deal! 


Helicoptor Ride

A unique way to see the stunning landscape of Hawaii. It is best to schedule this tour at the start of your vacation to get an overview of the Islands. Best islands to heli-over are Hawaii (Volcanoes National Park, specifically Kiluaea) and Kauai (Napali Coast & Waimea Canyon). Find your adventure.

Photo courtesy of Hawaii Tourism Authority/Tor Johnson

Shark Tour

Keep your arms and legs inside the steel cage as you watch sharks swarm around you. The curious creatures get so close, you can see into their deep black, beady eyes. Find your adventure.


Zipline through the Jungle

Why hike when you can zip above lush jungle landscapes and roaring waterfalls. Ok, there is some hiking involved, but ziplining lets you traverse across valleys all the while enjoying spectacular views. Find your adventure.



Nothing is more exhilirating than human flight. Reach your terminal velocity through one of Hawaii's many sky diving centers, scattered throughout the Islands. The scenery from the drop is reason enough, if you can keep your eyes open to enjoy it. Find your adventure.

Photo courtesy of SkyDive Hawaii

Kiteboard in Kailua

Take a lesson from a pro at Kailua Beach. Passionate kiteboarding instructors are there showing newbies the ropes, and launching kites in the air. If you didn't schedule a lesson, just ask if they have a session open. While you wait, you can watch others launch (and crash) their kites. Maui's north shore also has some great kiteboarding. 

Photo courtesy of Hawaii Tourism Authority/Ron Dahlquist

Bike Volcano

A great way to see the scenery, and with your hand mostly on the brakes there is little need to peddle. Bike companies will drive you to the top, gear you up, and guide you down. Find your adventure.
Photo courtesy of Hawaii Tourism Authority/Kirk Lee Aeder

Night Dives

The same reef you swam with yesterday will be a whole different experience during a night dive. Enveloped in near-darkness with your beam of light cutting through the murk & attracting some curious sea creatures. 

Photo courtesy of Hawaii Tourism Authority/Tor Johnson

Deep Sea Sport Fishing

The water quickly drops deep off the Kona coast of Hawaii, creating one of the world's best sport fishing spots. The other islands offer sport fishing too, with Mahi, Marlin, Yellow Tail, Ahi, and Ono being popular catches. In Hawaii, the fish stays with the boat, so be sure to ask your captain beforehand if they are willing to share your catch. Sport Fishing Charters.

Photo courtesy of Hawaii Tourism Authority/Sri Maiava Rusden


Take Kauai by Kayak

Kauai is made for kayaking. You can navigate the Wailua River up to Fern Grotto, take the Huleia River into Huleia National Wildlife Refuge, tempt the Napali Coast, or doddle around Hanalei Bay. Kayak Kauai can set you up with gear rentals and local knowledge.

Photo courtesy of Hawaii Tourism Authority/Tor Johnson