Imagine sea cliffs that defiantly tower over the water's edge...waterfalls cascading through carved volcanic valleys...and sandy beaches that stretch out towards the horizon where the only footprints are yours. Welcome to Molokai.

This largely undeveloped island is a true Hawaiian treasure. Here there are no stoplights. Not one. The palm trees grow taller than any building on this island ever will. Here you can discover ancient Hawaiian fishponds once reserved for Hawaiian Royalty or explore Molokai's intense beauty on horseback.

Discover the isolated village of Kalaupapa (pictured right) where Father Damien's unrelenting selflessness will forever be remembered. Once used
as a place of banishment for those sufferer's of Hansen's disease (Leprosy), Kalaupapa is now a National Historic Park, accessible via mule.

Be sure to lounge along the secluded shores of Papokaku beach, Hawaii's largest white sand beach. Papokaku lazily stretches for three miles along Molokai's western shore. For the more adventurous types there is Mount Kamakou to climb, Molokai's highest peak or snorkeling at Kumimi beach. The 250 foot Mooula Falls is also a sight to behold, located in the Halawa Valley. Whether you seek sun laden beaches or an adventure on horseback, Molokai delivers. The only thing you won't find here is the crowds.

Photos courtesy of Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA)/Hawaii Tourism Japan (HTJ)