Getting Married in Hawaii

Hawaii Marriage Licenses

In the state of Hawaii a marriage license is required. Both the bride and groom must be present during the issuance of the license and there is no waiting period between obtaining the license and the marriage ceremony.

Where to apply for a Marriage License in Hawaii?

One can apply for a marriage license at the Department of Health, located in Honolulu at the corner of Punchbowl St and Beretania St on the first floor, room 101. Below is a list of phone numbers of marriage agents in rural Oahu and the surrounding Islands that can also provide a marriage license.

  • Oahu  (808) 586-4544
  • Maui (808) 984-8210
  • Hawaii (808) 974-6008
  • Kauai(808) 241-3498
  • Molokai(808) 553-3200

Go to the Hawaii Department of Health website for more information or to download a marriage license application.

Hawaii Weddings

There are several companies in Hawaii that have incredible experience in handling destination weddings. They can typically handle all of the planning including filing papers, arranging a minister, and coordinating vendors.

Many hotels and resorts staff dedicated wedding coordinators and have chapels, gazebos, and reception areas onsite.

The cost of a destination wedding can be fairly affordable. Many are 'packaged' from flower arrangements to limo service. Destination wedding packages can often be customized to fit the needs of the bride and groom.