Hawaiian Food

What types of food will I find in Hawaii?

Seafood lovers rejoice! It goes without saying that Hawaii has an abundant array of fresh, local dishes straight from the sea. Enjoy salmon, ahi, spiny lobster, mahi-mahi, and marlin to name a few. The Hawaiian Islands also offer an abundance of fresh island fruits including pineapple, guava, mango, and papaya.

The 'plate lunch' is common throughout Hawaii, featuring two hearty scoops of steamed white rice (although some restaurants offer brown as well), either macaroni or potato salad, and a meat choice that ranges from pork to seafood. It is not a true Hawaiian experience without one!

Traditional Hawaii diet

Native Hawaiians were hunters, gatherers and farmers. They enjoyed a died of tropical fruits and planted crops including taro, arrowroot, and yams. Seafood was abundantly present in their diet, as was poi, a starchy paste made of the taro plant. Pigs were commonly hunted. 

Modern Hawaiian cuisine

Although traditional Hawaiian cuisine can be found at a luau (the word traditional is lightly used here), modern dining in Hawaii is actually a fusion of several food genres with Chinese, American, Japanese, and Filipino being the strongest influences. However, throughout the islands there is an abundance of choice in dining experiences from Luau feasts to beach-side restaurants to savory shrimp shacks.