The untamed beauty of Kauai is truly indescribable. It is one of the oldest islands, located at the northernmost part of the Hawaiian chain. The landscape ranges from lush, tropical rainforest to red clay carved Waimea canyon to untouched white sand beaches.

Explore the 'Grand Canyon of the Pacific' at Waimea Canyon (Pictured left). Situated along the western side of Kauai, Waimea Canyon offers panoramic views of Kauai's striking interior. Then head north to the awe- inspiring Napali Coast. This remote coastline is only accessible via flight, boat, or foot. An air tour is highly recommended to truly experience the views of the rugged, green-clad cliffs that seamlessly rise out of the expansive Pacific Ocean.

Then enjoy some fun in the sun, pack a lunch, and make your way to the south end of the island to the enticing Poipu beach. Home of endangered monk seals, giant green sea turtles and colorful fish, Poipu beach is a snorkeler's dream come true.

Step back in time as you explore the town of Koloa on Kauai's southern shore. Once a major sugar can producer, Koloa is now a sleepy town that rests along a stunning coastline and offers the best handmade ice cream on the island.

On the opposite end of Kauai sits the quaint town of Hanalei. In Hanalei you can tour the Ka Ulu O Lake Heiau (Hawaiian Temple) or visit one of the many taro farms in the area.


Lihue is the gateway into Kauai and is the most developed "city" on the island. There is a mall, numerous historial spots including the Kauai Museum, plenty of restaurants to choose from, and the Kauai Marriott - but litte else to attract tourists.

Kapaa Town

The historic town of Kapaa is a popular place to stay in East Kauai, with plenty of accommodation choices. There is also lots of shopping, for Kauai at least, and beautiful sandy beaches.