Waikiki is the most popular tourist destination in Hawaii. Located on the Island of Oahu, within the city of Honolulu. Waikiki is both a beach and a bustling neighborhood.

Waikiki Beach is the main attraction - calm waters, sandy shoreline, and sunshine 270 days out of the year. When it does rain in Waikiki, it is typically short-lived before the sun peeks out again.

Getting around Waikiki

Waikiki is walkable and most hotels are on the beach or only a few blocks away. Parking is very expensive, upwards of $20 a day. Don't bother renting a car unless you want to drive Oahu, and only rent a car for the days you plan on using it. 

What's in Waikiki

Everything a traveler could want from and island destination nestled inside Honolulu's metropolis including restaurants, shopping, and a vibrant nightlife. The beach is lined with surfing instructors and catamaran cruises, and most tour companies offer transport to and from Waikiki. 

Photos courtesy of HTA (Hawaii Tourism Authority, Tor Johnson)