When To Visit

When is the best time of year to visit Hawaii?

With bountiful sunshine all year long and the ocean close to bathwater temperatures, there is no 'bad' time to travel to Hawaii, so the best time to travel to Hawaii depends on you! 

Quick Weather

  • Warmest month is August
  • Coolest month is February
  • Driest month is June
  • Wettest month is December

September, October and May    (Off-season)

The shoulder season in Hawaii is typically from September to mid November and from May thru early June. These months are the best months to visit Hawaii due to fewer crowds, perfect weather, and cheaper travel prices on both airfare and hotels thanks to off-season rates. 


December thru April    (Winter travel)

Ironically, the busiest travel season to Hawaii is during Hawaii's 'worst' weather season, but it's likely far better than the winter glum of your current location. When we say worst, we mean temperatures can dip a few degrees below 80 (F) and quick, sporadic rain showers are more common. Mid December thru April is by far the busiest travel season. Prices for both airfare and hotel will be at their highest, especially during the last 2 weeks of December and the first few days of January. Although this is during Hawaii's wet season, weather in Hawaii tends to be localized which means if it is rainy on one part of the Island, start driving south and you are likely to find the sunshine.

June, July, August    (Summer travel)

Summer travel to Hawaii is fairly busy, with families vacationing during summer break and college backpackers doing the same. There may be a few summer deals, but most hotel and airfare pricing will be close to high season. August can get quite hot and humid with temperatures consistently in the high 80's (F). Luckily, there is no shortage of water activities to keep you cool and entertained.

Since the weather is temperate year-round & rain tends to be localized, you may want to consider visiting Hawaii during seasonal activities that peak your interest. Besides when to vist, you may be wondering which Island might suit you best. We've done a quick compare on the top four Islands.